Experts in data connection and management of EV charging and power systems

Parking facilities are poised to become the future fueling location for electric vehicles, but most were not built with charging in mind.

For early adopters of EV chargers, this wasn’t a problem. A few Level 2 charging stations can be easily accommodated.

The growing number of EV drivers presents an opportunity for parking facilities, but also a challenge.

The considerable load of many vehicles charging simultaneously must be carefully managed. Charging stations will be more than a novelty item, but a source of revenue to be monitored and optimized.

SWYCH can provide the tools and expertise to:


  • Audit your power usage and integrate new charging stations profitably
  • Connect your EV charging assets to advanced analytics, optimizing costs and revenue
  • Setup a platform for management and maintenance, or connect to your existing BMS
  • Provide visibility for public charging stations to attract customers

Smart Tools for EV Charging Systems

SWYCH offers solutions and expertise for building and managing your own EV charging network. Our goal is to give you the tools to successfully manage and monetize your EV parking business!

Data Connection


Gather data from charging stations, occupancy sensors, and third-party API’s to monitor and analyze trends.


Send charging and power usage data to your favourite analytics platform or other third parties.

Management Platform and Services

Visualization Dashboards

Monitor charging station availability, diagnose faults, and view usage statistics remotely and in real-time.

Analytics and Reports

Analyze performance of your EV parking facilities to make informed operational decisions.

Informed Load Management

Use energy and demand modelling to inform smart charging schedules, minimizing costs and maximizing revenues from your under-utilized energy capacity.

Smart Charging Solutions

Load Balancing

Ensure optimal charging of all electric vehicles at your location, while remaining within the limits of your charging station’s capacity.

Hub / Satellite

Gather the data coming from all of your charging stations within a single cloud-based management platform. Network up to 20 charging stations to communicate through a single modem.

Peak Shaving

Avoid being charged by your network provider for exceeding your maximum capacity. Peak shaving helps by automatically reducing consumption of charging sessions until enough power becomes available.

We offer best in class, open charging, occupancy & power meter networks so that you have freedom & flexibility to grow as demand increases.


mobility networks and software

Gateways share operating data with parking and facility management systems and provide local controls for optimizing energy costs and parking revenues.

SWYCH gateway connects directly to:

  • SWYCH server
  • Building Management Systems
  • Energy Microgrid Systems
  • Parking Management Systems

SWYCH SaaS server aggregates data from SWYCH gateways and other sources of data such as existing EV Charging SaaS API’s, Energy Systems and Parking Apps.


intelligent analytics

SWYCH SaaS API Connectors integrate EV parking performance data into your Parking, Energy or Facility customer solutions.

Use SWYCH BI Analytics Software to visualize parking, power & charging demand and capacity.

SWYCH KPI Examples:

  • Availability
  • Occupancy
  • Duration
  • Charging State
  • Energy Capacity
  • Energy Demand
  • Energy Cost/hour
  • Energy Cost/space
  • Revenue/hour
  • Revenue/space


By choosing SWYCH mobility, you get 3 modular EV charging products & Software as a Service (SaaS) options, designed specifically for the parking industry.

1. SWYCH Turnkey Charging Systems

2. SWYCH SaaS Server


SWYCH provides you with choices!

SWYCH end to end solutions

SWYCH hardware & SaaS server solutions

SWYCH SaaS only solutions

SWYCH EV Parking Hardware only solutions



The world is changing faster than ever! SWYCH offers consulting services so your team can make informed decisions about the future deployment of EV charging.

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